Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In either a response to my constant complaining of my issue that hasn't been fixed for over a year now on the LPU or in response to this blog, I had an LPU staff member PM me and give me a personal email address to send my problem to.

Looks like these things work. I can now help anyone out that needs it, just leave a comment here if you have an LPU problem and I'll try and get it to the right person for you.


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Xero_Italian said...

Hey, what's up.

Since three months I'm waiting for a responce on the costumer service, no answer.

I'll tell u my problem:

I changed my e-mail address to which I wanted my password renewed to the lpu-address one (
as we all know, we shouldn't do this, otherwise can't get our new password without logging in to the lpu.

I needed to get my password sent to my other e-mail address, that's it.

I got icq: 325880692

pls, do something ! I' waiting for months to log in to the lpu again ._. thx anyway.