Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tomorrow I'm going to post more thoughts by the fans and I might actually take an adventure to the Julien-K boards to see what they think about it. The folks over at the JK boards are's a really, you know, "different" community than the LP one because it's much smaller but the hearts and souls of the people there make it seem just as big. It's a really great place and I love being there, so I'll give you all some Julien-K fan "thinkage" tomorrow when I'm less tired (or have less homework).

Also, someone asked me today what made me mad about all of this. They were saying how they knew I was mad about Warner screwing with the fans for all these years (I've been going on and on about it for a while lmao), but they wanted to know what caused me to 'explode' when this particular event happens. I thought really hard and I came out saying it was the LPU7 CD.


It really makes you feel depressed when this kinda stuff happens. I happened to work my fucking ass off by staying up until 4am on school nights some nights and screwing my school grades up - I managed to get all those PR shows. With the help of some hardcore LPUers, we liberated the hell out of all 28 shows on Demonoid. We got all those shows up within like 2 days of them being posted on LPLive. We owned it and made sure every single person in the community that wanted the pro recorded shows got them. We even had a mod on the LPU going with it, who made a thread on the boards with links to all the shows. It was a freaking party and we had a blast. And then one day it dissapeared. Noone knew why. The mods didn't do it - some admin of (probably instructed by the mean fucks at Warner) removed it with NO explanation.

And now we know why. Jesus.

So we're waiting for LPU7 and we get this. 10 live tracks from Projekt Rev 07. The exact same crap we worked our asses off to get. The exact same stuff. Exact. What the hell is the point of that? Wouldn't that make YOU mad? Frankly, that pisses me the fuck off. Seriously. We know they recorded at least 4 more songs, we know they mixed and mastered more songs completely, we know they recorded another song with strings on it, we know they just recorded a new song in Thailand, we know they have demos and b-sides backed out their ass and down the street, and we know it wouldn't be too much to ask for three or four on the LPU 7 CD. But no, we get this. WHY?

Thanks LPU. I appreciate it.

You are AWESOME.


Mike said...

Amen Mark.

i dunno... the cd is what pisses me off to the highest degree. BUT, i have to look at it from another light. At least they still make a package. I wouldnt be surprised if in a few years, they just said "fuck it, we're just gonna be online from now on". but i dunno. I'll get it, just because it's an official pressed cd, and i've collected LP EVERYTHING forever...... and the members of the LPU rock. I've meet insanely cool people there. so... i dunno.. is it worth one cd ruining everytihng? i suppose it is, cuz it represents how much of a fuck warner is. It's just an example of how they think they can just put something out without ACKNOWLEDGING that its what NO ONE WANTS. ya think they'd care even the tiniest bit. but no.

and yes. i will renew. I love LP, love the LPU and its members, among othere things. But if things continue going downhill (which they are), i, like many others, will resign.


Dmitry said...
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