Saturday, December 1, 2007


Tomorrow I'll go into posts about people defending the LPU. Don't get me wrong, if you look at a really cool post today that I saw, you'll see the LPU is way better than most all fanclubs. However, it's still gone downhill like crazy recently.

Here's more thoughts from the LPUers:

With the cost being $35 for international fans, I'm absolutely considering taking Bob's route of going online. Unless US$ suddenly drop way back down to be US$1 = Rp. 5,000. At the moment, Rp. 350,000 is spectacularly insane to pay for friggin' shoelaces - which I can't see adorning my high heeled sandals and/or pumps - and a bunch of other shittacular items that's not even worth the mention. Somebody should inform whoever made those trinkets that LP fans aren't solely consist of 15 year old kids.

And I say it's NOT worth it. At all. Not in this lifetime. Maybe if I were 15, I'd say it's good enough.

I think 7.0 is actually the worst package. I've only been a member of the LPU since 4.0, so I don't know how the previous years really were, I mean, I have the audio from the CD's, just not anyting else. I actually liked 5.0 for some reason, I liked Live 8 and the shirt was really awesome, as well as the website.

ya this is the one thing that pisses me off the most, MTM was just released so there are demos and b-sides, waiting for us the hear them but noooo lets put 10 live tracks THAT THEY HAVE on it...

i mean if MTM was to be released next year one could understand 10 live tracks but this...

That's total crap. Think about it for a second. We all know the LPU sucks. But do the new fans know? How about the people new to the LPU? No, so they end up getting screwed over by this scam. They are selling crap worth 20 bucks for close to 30 and trying to make it interesting. It's pretty gay that I am a dedicated fan and I have to pay a pocket full of change just to show some more suppourt but get nothing in return. Honestly, it's not as simple as don't join again. There are people here who have never gotten everything they bought from 6.0. I never got an annual newsletter! I just don't think its fair to try to rip off fans especially the unknowing. Sure WB has a chokehold on a lot of what happens, but where do you see LP picking up the slack?

I'd MUCH rather go to any other forum and in fact I do. The other sites are free and actually are working(at least LPF is) to make things fun during the LP downtime. In comparison to here. Where we get competitions around the album release and thats it for the next 4 years. Seriously, your getting ripped off. And talking nice and kissing ass isn't going to lower your LPU price.
Either way that's just my opinion. My first time getting the LPU was this 6.0 version and the expirience sucked. So theres a 95% chance i wont be renewin. (i just might do it so i can get backstage for the bmore show with Coheed)

my email hasn't worked for a year. customer service wont respond to anyone. i respect them as artists, and this isnt about the art, but they better pay attention to the responsibilities they take, and get people in charge of giving services to the fans to do their jobs. LP should be caring about what people are doing to their businesses and their names.

I would simply like to see some more LOVE for the fans thats all. I eman WE BLEED for them and spend our hard earned cash on them and this is all they cna say as a Thank You, would have expected better is all I am saying.

I do respect the band, TONZ, and am not ungrateful but I just think SUPERSTARDOME has gone to their heads and they have forgotten where they have come from and who supports them-THE FANS. Its their fault though they don't have much control over things like this, we they first created the LPU, even into the 2nd and 3rd years they still had TREMEDOUS control and they gave almost all of it up, SELL OUTS.

So I'm really sorry if you are taking what I am saying as no respect for the and and stuff because its the exact opposite.

I mean how many time can you have BTH, I mean jeeze dude. I mean live tracks are cool and all but when they ALL/or most you get year after year after year after year, then yeah people get pissed. Also this package looks like a 10 y/old put it togetehr. It has the EXACT same stuff as ALL the other packages except for SHOELACES, OOOOHHH BOYY SHOELACES, now I finally have something to hang myself with so I don't have to get let down AGAIN. LP have SOLD OUT in all aspects so to answer your question-YOU GET OVER IT.

The CD is awful. Even if it was a real vote I would probably be dissatisfied, because I'm a picky LP fan and don't want ANOTHER live CD full of singles. The shirt's uninspiring, and the shoelaces are not the innovation we were looking for in the LPU 7 package.

A ton of other fan clubs - Chili Peppers & Keith Urban, for examples sake - charge at least the same price for fan club membership and only give you access to a website and forums. No shirt, no CD, no stickets, and not even any shoelaces. Another black t-shirt is better than nothing, and any CD is better than no CD.

It sucks that as Linkin Park get better, their fan club gets worse, but there's not much we can do other than tell the guys in person at the meet & greets or hope Mike reads our comments here.

Lastly, in case you haven't seen the LPU7 tshirt:

LPU 7 Pass
- LPU 7 CD with 10 Live Recordings featuring the Best of Projekt Revolution 2007
- LPU 7 Shirt
- LPU 7 Membership Card
- LPU 7 Sticker Pack
- LPU 7 Shoelaces
- LPU 7 Carabiner Keychain
- Letter from Linkin Park
- Annual Newsletter
- Mobile Benefits including Exclusive LPU Ringtone, Wallpaper, Contests, and Text Alerts*

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Fiorella said...

I do have a reason to be EXTREMELY MAD at the LPU
My account is somehow "not activated", which means that i can't access to thing like the message boards, i can't post a thing.
I bouhgt the package from a best buy when i traveled to florida last year, and my account hasn't worked since the very first day.
I sent 2 tickets to support, they answered me saying that my account was ok then, but as i can tell you, it has been the same all my entire subscription.